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Hi there! My name is Laura and I just got a BA in art history. Let's see how long it takes for all that tuition money to come back.

Art, feminism, music, movies, puppies, television, fashion, funny things, and me.

Have a wonderful day, please.


"i don’t support feminism because-"

lol nah we ain’t even gonna talk bye


me: *waves at a dog being walked*

dog’s owner: *waves at me*



So many things have snowballed into mistakes that are almost impossible to fix now. It’d be nice if we could be like “CUT start over again, ok this time men please do not honk at the ladies on the street. And ACTION.”


when your friend calls you a “gold digging cock slut”



mermaids don’t have thigh gaps but they can still lure men to their deaths

Timid girl needs encouragement from man (a little bit like he’s talking to a toddler. He actually did mention kindergarten). Yay progress?

When comes the scene where they get in terrible trouble for hacking into the school’s system? Did they cut that scene?

The more I watch Lucas Grabeel in this movie the more I realize he is an artistic genius and deserves so much respect.