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Hi there! My name is Laura and I just got a BA in art history. Let's see how long it takes for all that tuition money to come back.

Art, feminism, music, movies, puppies, television, fashion, funny things, and me.

Have a wonderful day, please.

I just watched a documentary on the life of PL Travers and basically every single thing about her history is either heartbreaking or hauntingly unclear, but it’s all wrapped up in a woman who simultaneously just went with it and tried to take control of it.


Drag Race always helps me explain how I feel.


Re-read a 62 page essay (and take notes!) on why the Ancient Greeks only had two architectural orders plus a sub-order for over 500 years…instead of watching makeup tutorials and 90s music videos on YouTube. Latrice, how do you feel about this?

Thank you, Latrice.

Today, last day of being a rotten little teenager!

Tomorrow, last day of being a rotten little resident of the United States, for a few months.

I’ll miss my friends, but it should be an exciting semester.

In about an hour. At a museum. In front of everybody.

Thank you Spongebob, you always understand how I’m feeling.