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Tea and Tonic
Hi there! My name is Laura, and I love many things. I am currently a senior, studying art history and English in Massachusetts. I have no idea where I'll be in a year, but in the meantime I'll just watch YouTube videos.
Have wonderful days, please.


Stay indoors, son.And, uhh, take that cone off your head.


Stay indoors, son.
And, uhh, take that cone off your head.

Best thing to do before work = eat and watch a lot of Spongebob.

Yup, that’s what a working girl does.


This was me today at 3:30. Luckily there were no customers in the restaurant at that time

Made a really stupid second blog, tracking the odd things my dog wants to eat throughout the day (today included candied ginger and pumpernickel bread).

It’s called “Dumb and Hungry”.

Check it out, if you like dogs and pointless words. :D